Exterran Board Operator in Karachi,, Pakistan


Process Supervisor


[Monitor and control the Plant operations; gas processing, Gas compression and gas distribution from Human interface board in the control room, ensuring safe & smooth operation, as per company Q HSSE IMS requirements, and reliable gas processing under economic conditions and maintain product specifications, Give clear Instruction and co-ordinate with field operator to get safe adequate required operation.

Share Process Lead duties or as a field operator if ask for during sick leave or absent to cover shortage of manpower if required,

Performing duties; on a 14/14 rotation and on a 12 hours shift relieving basis.


  • Responsible of effective, comprehensive charge hand over and take over from/to his successor.

  • Perform all work activities as per QHSSE/IMS procedures and policies in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner.

  • Responsible to adopt best and safe production and process techniques to operate plant under the guide line of standard operating procedures and IMS Procedures

  • Responsible to be well aware of all plant equipment, Instrumentation and equipment line up

  • Complies with the company Health, Safety and Environment and work permit policies and procedures. Monitors and controls the operating parameters and take adequate decisions as required.

  • Communicates with the SSGC’ control room/KT regarding gas availability and upstream downstream upsets, quality, measurement, Pressure, Flow, Temperature, gas composition, inert, impurities and moisture. Communicate plant emergencies, Plant shut-downs, plant start-up or scheduled maintenance,

  • Balances the operation of compressors and equipment to meet supply demand, minimizes risk to equipment and running cost. Identifies gas demand patterns and unforeseen changes in quantity and quality of gas availability from supplier and makes adjustments to system to ensure smooth operation with maximum possible product recovery and continuous gas flow to consumers

  • Initiates and raises work order to maintenance section. Monitors and coordinates all the operations & maintenance activities in the plant and hand over the system to shift reliever.

  • Maintains a comprehensive shift log itemizing system changes and alarms in chronological order, including periodical logging of process and machine parameters.

  • Monitors measured values and takes necessary corrective action on receipt of alarms. Acknowledge and analyze all the alarms and take corrective action as required, and inform to the process supervisor.

  • Makes initial diagnostic check to determine cause of equipment malfunction, corrects faults if possible or contact process supervisor or concern department lead for necessary action. Re-establishes equipment operations or initiates automatic start-up of standby equipment or shutdown of equipment from the control room.

  • Handles emergency situations and follow up emergency Response plan as per the procedures. Assesses and initiates emergency action plan in the event of a serious incident, and acts as Incident controller in the event of any emergency until Process supervisor / Plant Manager arrives and acts as emergency log Recorder.

  • Ensures a good handover from previous/next shift, reads log book of previous shift in Main Control Room indicating Operation activities, communication with SSGC, Maintenance activities, any hazard or trouble-shooting etc. to understand previous shift events, and to ensure current conditions, meet operating criteria/parameters.

  • Conducts all work activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner at all times by not taking on any task(s) that are perceived as unsafe. Complies with the HSE management system and reports all incidents and near misses to the Lead/Process Supervisor HSE supervisor/advisor and Plant Manager.

  • Takes immediate corrective action in the event of an emergency and notifies to Process supervisor immediately by radio of any urgent situation. Takes initial action in firefighting and first aid, especially after normal working hours when no immediate assistance is available.

  • Provide Assistants to the process supervisor for preparing daily production report, writing work permits, analyzing and resolving problems and trouble-shootings.


  • Must be able to read & understand process drawings, P&IDs, Datasheets, MSDs

  • Must have knowledge and understanding about process parameters, engineering units, Area Pressure, Volume, Temperature, density, elementary chemistry & Physics, thermodynamics

  • Demonstrated experience in the hydrocarbons processing equipment, including gas compressors, Engines, pumps, Expander, Direct fired heaters, Fractionation columns, cryogenic system, dryers, heating kettles; PLC based operating system, flare system, LPG & NGL storage tanks, Material balance, Energy balance etc in the LPG industry.

  • Demonstrated competence in emergency response and process optimization.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English. Able to coordinate activities affecting a safe and efficient operation of a plant in an often distracting and multitasking environment.

  • Good personal and interpersonal skills.

  • Understanding and working knowledge of the relevant disciplines within the Field Operations Team (like: Control Room, Production, Mechanical, Electrical, Instruments).

  • Process supervision and commissioning skills in the field including troubleshooting.

  • Ability to carry out personal training to improve knowledge and skills in areas where no formal training exists.

  • Able to monitor the status of all plant systems on a continuous basis, take necessary action to prevent equipment failures.

  • Assure plant meets all requirements while operating in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Self-starter, able to work independently and solve problems with minimum supervision.

  • Able to make sound, quick decisions based on the facts of the situation and remain calm and in control in a possibly deteriorating environment.

  • Must be able to cope with the mental stress placed on him to meet the demands of the job. Much of the job is to troubleshoot to head off any problems that might interfere with the production process. Emergency handling

  • Perform firefighting; Pressurize fire hose handling, pushing, pulling, wrapping fire hoses, housekeeping of firefighting and emergency equipment.


  • Minimum Education: Completion of High Secondary (12 years) education followed by 3 years formal technical training (Diploma) Preferable graduates Experience: 5 years’ experience in gas plant, gas transmission network and control room operations. HSE awareness. Good analytical, technical, judgmental skills.

  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English. Knowledge of other language is an added advantage.

  • IT/PC literate.


  • Board operator is authorized to take the shutdown of the individual unit or the plant in case of any serious problem or abnormality observed which is beyond to control.

  • Board operator is authorized to take the plant shut down in case of high HP reside gas pressure (780Psi and rising tread)..

  • Board operator is authorized to discontinue/Stop any job /maintenance and operational activity which are unsafe.


  • Must be able to work under pressure situations

  • Must be strong enough for continues long sittings and vigilantly monitoring computer screens with day & night shifts fatigues.

  • Must be able to lift at least 50 Lbs

Exterran is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Exterran provides equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, citizenship, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, or any other factor protected by applicable federal, state or local law.